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About us:

InsureInFlorida.com is a free insurance referral service for consumers who wish to obtain insurance in the state of Florida. We created the site out of the increasing need of knowledgeable and reliable professionals capable of handling the challenging insurance environment in the state of Florida.

How does InsureInFlorida.com's service work?
We have a network of dozens of hand-picked insurance providers across the state who are knowledgeable and have access to insurers in the state. After you have completed our online form, our system evaluates your information to match the information you provided with our preferred partners and providers, whom manually will proceed to rate and contact you if they have any options available for you. If our preferred providers do not have any options for you, then connect you with our general providers who may be able to assist you with a wider range of options. Several factors affect which insurance professionals are matched to you including type of insurance desired, your qualifications, your location, and, if applicable, your current insurance carrier.

Is InsureInFlorida.com an insurance company?
InsureInFlorida.com is not an insurance company. We are a free referral service for consumers and cannot address issues you have with your specific carrier.

How can I get a quote?
Simply fill out our quick and easy form by clicking on Start Quote or call us at 954-419-9617

I've submitted my information, where is my quote?
If you have completed the application process, the application has been forwarded to insurance agents or discount program representatives who will contact you within 48 hours with quotes. The names and contact information of the agents to receive your information were displayed at the end of the application process. If you need the names or phone numbers of these agents again, please call us at 954-419-9617


I've submitted my information. Why wasn't I matched to any agents?
Based on the type of insurance you are looking for, InsureInFlorida.com may not have any agents that are able to help you. This can happen for various reasons including rate restrictions on certain products or a company-imposed moratorium on certain products. When this occurs, InsureInFlorida.com deletes all of your information from our system.

Is InsureInFlorida.com affiliated with any insurance companies?
No. InsureInFlorida.com is a referral service for insurance. We work with agents from many different insurance companies and representatives of insurance agencies across the state.

Do you have the phone number for a specific insurance company?
No. InsureInFlorida.com does not maintain a list of customer service or claims numbers for any insurance companies or providers.


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